I started working out at the gym in July of 2012 with Nick Mckim. Our one-on-one sessions were challenging as Nick patiently helped me correct 4 years of neglect. In the first several weeks when I was frustrated with the slow pace improvement he was smiling and positive. Initially I struggled to master concepts and exercises and I challenged him to find new tools and ways to communicate the concepts to me. He always stepped up to the challenge and put in extra effort to help me succeed. His committment to my success impressed me. But just as important I have enjoyed working out with Nick and offering him my "feedback" even when he did not want or need it. I want to thank Nick for his care, encouragement and his expertise in helping me improve my health and wellbeing. 


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We just wanted to thank Nick for taking an aging couple and making us feel young again.  We appreciate the work Nick did on our behalf and are inspired to live healthier.  We wish both of you the very best.


Merrill and Sheila

This is Barb she had a  ruptured brain aneurism in January this year 2013 - she was released to slowly resume working out in May and is working diligently toward being even better than before! the grandest miracle is that the docs said IF she lived she would be impaired....but with a great deal of determination and the caring patient help of my wonderful trainers I continue on the path to complete recovery. This is Barb squatting using two 30lb dumbells!

barb squat.jpg


Working with Nick was a delight. He was always thoughtful, patient, encouraging and willing to listen in addition to being very knowledgeable and eager to share what he knows. I especially appreciated his willingness to go the extra mile to find a solution to any problem I mentioned. He often researched or created exercises for me based on my needs and he always had time to watch me to make sure my form is correct. I feel I received an excellent foundation from Nick.

Jan and I wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors and know that all his clients will be as fortunate as we were.

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Nick is a dedicated and innovative trainer. He is fully present and engaged during every session; whether  you are his second or last client of the day he always makes you feel like you are the first. He is always looking for new ways to improve your workout and will encourage you to come up with new ideas so he can incorporate them into your workout.

For example, I was a gymnast and had a spinal cord injury during practice that left me a quadriplegic. Sense then, it has been my goal and dream to hang on a bar once again. Six years later when I started working with Nick I mentioned to him that I would like to try and hang, he immediately began to think of ideas that would make this goal possible. The following week I was suspended from a pull-up bar—with gloves and tape to hold my hands in place— with my feet underneath me.

This is but one example of the many times Nick has adapted my sessions to my own personal needs and goals. He is always ready to learn and grow with the people he works with.

Thank you,
Andrew Donnellan